The TBS Robotics Team, “ROKKOBOTS”, won the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) Regional Tournament held at McGee Middle School, Berlin, CT on November 23, 2013.

Based on the team’s overall performance in each of 4 key elements (FLL Project, Robot Design, Robot Programming and Core Values), they were awarded a Golden Ticket to enter the CT FLL State Finals. The tournament included interviews and live performances in the above- mentioned categories.  The team’s FLL project was ranked No. 1 in the FLL Regional Tournament for exceptional project innovation and won the Best FLL Project Award.

The FLL challenge for this year was based on “Nature’s Fury”.  The Rokkobots had to identify a real-world problem and create a solution.  They found an innovative solution for the problem – “People and pets getting stranded or lost due to a natural disaster.”  Their solution — the “ROKKOBAND” — is a wearable wrist band/collar that can be tracked and used to effectively warn people before/during a natural disaster. The team performed extensive research, including reviewing newspaper reports, interviewing an individual who was stranded during a natural disaster and talking with experts in the fields of insurance, broadcasting, law enforcement, engineering, robotics and computer science. The team also created a prototype to prove their solution. 


On November 8, 2013, the Rokkobots team had a meeting with TBS Principal, Mr. Mike Renkawitz, and Avon Town Manager, Mr. Brandon Robertson.  The team made presentations about their research, the robot design and game, project work and efforts to practice core values. 


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