BEAUTY & THE BEAST Cast list posted here:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful vacation.  I know how anxious you have been about the cast list.  I’m sorry it took longer than I thought it would but everyone did such a great job. As I said at auditions not everyone will be casted in the role they auditioned for but whatever part you get is an important part of this show.  There is lots to do in this show and many of you will be in several different roles.  Thank you for your patience. Here is what you have been waiting for.  Congratulations to all. It is going to be a great show.  See everyone on January 6th in the chorus room.  

Belle:  Bailey Prete
Beast:  Matt Leopold
Gaston:  Adam Santoro
Lefou:  Matt Haller
Lumiere:  Cole Kuchharski
Cogsworth:  Daniel Cuyler
Mrs. Potts:  Kelli Raines
Chip:  Isabelle Russo
Babette:  Ella Bernarduci
Madame De La Grande Bouche:  Jade Logan
Maurice:  Jeff Arigoni
Silly Girls:  Halle Keane
              Allison Wallace
              Sammie Reilly
Monsieur D’Arque:  Alex Kawa
Enchantress/Old Beggar Woman:  Caitlin Kijanka


Jeff Arigoni                    
Sarah Obie
Melina Belenardo          
Carlyn Perry
Lauren Carlson             
Casey Quinlan
Molly Carroll                  
Haley Reed
Sara Chute                    
Sammie Reilly
Jack Grady                    
Veronica Suarez
Alex Kawa                      
Isabel Vincente
Halle Keane                   
Allison Wallace
Caitlin Kijanka                
Olivia Webster
Sarah Lancaster
Nicholas Mills
Madelyn Oprica

Bella Schuchardt
Megan Gilbey
Mary Grace Bruder

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