A Centralized Online Communications Platform

This year, we will continue to utilize a website (and free mobile app) called Konstella to help manage communications from the PTO, as well as support announcements and events as requested by the TBS administration. We will also be asking that all room parents use Konstella for classroom organization, volunteering, and sign-ups.

If you are new to the TBS school community this year or have not yet opened a Konstella account, please keep an eye out for an email from the TBS PTO with a link to join.

You will be asked to enter your email address to begin the process and will then receive a confirmation email with a separate link to complete your registration. 

If you already have a Konstella account from last year, you can log in as normal, and access all applicable schools for your students.  Once logged in, please take a moment to update your child(ren’s) classroom(s) in the top left menu of your home page. 

To ensure you receive all future communications, please add konstella.com to your email program’s safe list. Within Konstella, you can adjust your notification settings and may choose to install the free app on your mobile device. Please note that if you turn off email and phone notifications, you must log-in to Konstella online or via the app to stay connected to all the announcements from the PTO and Room Parents.

If you have any questions about using Konstella, please contact tbsavonpto@gmail.com.