About the PTO

Tickets for the TBS Musical, The Wizard of Oz – March 29th – 31st, are on sale now! Download the ticket form and send in your order with payment ASAP to reserve your seats.  

Registration for TBS Spring 2019 Extracurricular Activities will run from March 18th – 31st.  Click here for a summary of all programs offered, as well as instructions for registration.  Classes begin the week of April 15th.  

Our 2018-2019 PTO Executive Board

  • President: Dawn Zavalishin
  • Treasurer: Dave Shepard
  • VP Volunteers: Jesse Aguilar
  • VP Ways and Means: Lauren Magel and Kristen Loparco
  • VP Activities: Stephanie Montminy and LeRuth Bell
  • Website/PTO Post: Beth Mango
  • Secretary: Leah Schaff

The TBS PTO fills the gaps when our school is asked to do more with less. We provide resources that classrooms need. We review proposals and grant funds to fulfill teacher/staff wish lists twice a year. The PTO gives a stipend to all teachers at the start of the school year to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses. Sometimes, the PTO makes large capital expenditures like the purchase in 2011-12 of SMART Student Response Systems.

Every year in June, a balanced budget is proposed and voted upon for the next fiscal year (July 1-June 30). All PTO members have the opportunity to ask questions, comment, and vote for or against the proposed budget. The organization’s finances are discussed at every PTO meeting. Please join us at general meetings if you wish to be involved in making PTO financial decisions.

The Thompson Brook PTO is a 501(c)(3) entity, a classification that gives it non-profit, charity status with the IRS. The PTO solicits donations, applies for grants, participates in collection programs, and raises money via school fundraisers to finance its budget. We do not charge membership dues.

Parent volunteers send the message to their children that they care about their school. The whole story is that EVERYONE benefits:  students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Schools with involved parents enjoy:

  • better morale among teachers;
  • higher ratings of teachers by parents;
  • more support from families; and
  • a better reputation in the community.

Research demonstrates that parents who become involved in their children’s education are more likely to:

  • be more confident at school;
  • be more confident in themselves as parents and their ability to help their children learn;
  • be held in higher esteem by teachers and have teachers expect more from their children; and
  • enroll in continuing education to advance their own schooling.

We’d love your help! From home or at school, we welcome your interest, energy and talents!

 Click here for more information about our current TBS volunteer opportunities